Begin Again (2014)

This aggressively crappy rom-com starts out promisingly enough. Keira Knightley is dragged onstage by her folky friend. She sings a song. Then she leaves the stage convinced that she is a failure. But Mark Ruffalo, record company guy, is in the audience and loves the...Read More

Suck it, Libtard! Dinesh D’Souza’s America (2014)

You won’t believe how egregiously awful Dinesh D’Souza’s America is. Or maybe you will – the walking pustule known as D’Souza has basically resurrected the 2012 Republican Convention in movie form: the golden hued montages of cornfields and purple mountains majesty,...Read More

Redbox Roundup – July 5th 2014

This week’s Redbox Roundup is (hee hee) exactly the same as last week’s! At least as far as the top ten is concerned. I’m adding a couple movies to the lower tiers: Lone Survivor (2013) I saw this movie in a theater, and I was not wildly impressed. There’s hardly any...Read More

They Hate Us for our Freedom Fries

Fourth of July Counter-Programming Marching bands, fireworks, and war movies – all kinds of patriotic pap will be beamed to your television machines this weekend. Gary Cooper will win World War I single-handedly on TCM, the Macy’s Fireworks show will be on NBC if it...Read More

Tammy (2014)

We have been lied to. We were promised a movie about a pie-stealing feral wildwoman, and what we got was a chick-bonding road trip movie. And not just that – it’s a journey of self-discovery stuffed with Americana, complete with hugging and learning lessons and...Read More

I am confused by Golden Chickensss (2014)

I’m back at the New York Asian Film Festival, and I’ve prepared for this screening. I watched Golden Chicken (2002), the first film in the series, and I stayed for the Q&A with Sandra Ng. Now I’m ready for the much hyped third movie of the Golden Chicken...Read More

Paul Rudd sends up Paul Rudd in They Came Together

This is a good, but not great, parody of romantic comedies. While there are some laffs, it is no Airplane! (1980) or Blazing Saddles (1974) – the movie genre in question is subjected to a gentle ribbing rather than the thorough takedown it probably deserves. Paul Rudd...Read More

Sandra Ng Double Feature

The 13th New York Asian Film Festival began Friday, so it’s time to see Hong Kong triad movies, Korean dramas, and cryptic Japanese movies about swordsmen and alienated teenagers. Also there are guest stars – thanks to those Korean/Hong Kong/Taiwan Cultural Service...Read More

Snowpiercer (2014)

Snowpiercer is, without a doubt, the best Korean post-apocalyptic movie about class warfare on a Supertrain you will see this summer. Director Bong Joon-ho takes elements from Terry Gilliam, Danny Boyle, Kurt Vonnegut, Fritz Lang, Ayn Rand and many more, and tosses...Read More
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