Redbox Roundup June 26, 2014

When I want to see a movie, I generally hop into the helicopter and head off to my Central Park West pied-a-terre, and then hoof it over to the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center. After catching the latest indie and foreign films, I’ll meet up with Gwyneth, Paris,...Read More

The Rover (2014)

In Australia, the end of the world used to be fun. Dudes with pink mohawks rode around on motorcycles, Tina Turner dressed up sexy and sang the theme song, and there was characters with names like The Lord Humongous, Toe-Cutter, and Master Blaster. These days Guy...Read More

What If trailer

Somewhere between the Toronto International Film Festival and a Theater Near You, this movie’s name got changed from the too-cute-by-half “The F Word” to the too-boring-by-three-quarters “What If.” And while I hate rom-coms in general, I...Read More

No Tears for the Dead (2014)

What a misnomer the title of this thriller is. The original Korean name of the movie is Crying Man, but they could have called it “Nothing But Tears for the Dead” and it would still have been accurate. Gon (Dong-gun Jang) is a hitman who accidentally offs a little...Read More

Adult World (2013)

This coming-of-age/rom-com was released about a year ago and grossed zero point nothing at the box office. Kind of a shame because it’s a pretty good movie! Luckily it’s out now on Blu-Ray, DVD, Netflix, Redbox, Netbox and Redflix. Like Ghost World (2001), Adult World...Read More

Jersey Boys (2014)

Apparently Clint Eastwood’s dream has been to direct Goodfellas 2: The Musical, and now his dream has come true. Roughly half this movie involves four jamokes from Jersey committing half-assed crimes. The other half revolves around Frankie Valli’s successful comeback...Read More

Kill the Messenger trailer

Just because this movie doesn’t come out until October doesn’t mean it’s too early to start waiting in line. Kill the Messenger (2014) is based on the true story of Gary Webb, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News. Webb shot himself in the head,...Read More

22 Jump Street (2014) #2LFUSR

22 Jump Street is 2 much. 2 much plot, 2 many characters, 2 hours long. Are there laughs? Sure, there’s lots of them, but the comedy bits are buried under the weight of the plot. Like its predecessor 21 Jump Street (2012), Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play bungling...Read More

Non-Stop (2014)

The trailer made this movie look like another one of those crapola action movies where Liam Neeson has a Particular Set of Skills and must hunt down his missing daughter. So when I saw it in a theater I was pleasantly surprised to find a tense, engaging thriller....Read More

Not So Swinging London – Lunch Hour (1962)

Sandwiched between the ‘Angry Young Men’ of Look Back in Anger (1959), and the ‘Swinging London’ of Blow-Up (1966), lies a small gem of a film called Lunch Hour (1962). This lost classic of the British New Wave was directed and scored by James Hill, who later found...Read More
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